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We believe that website design is an art

Website design is an art because it is a creative process that combines art and technology to create a visually engaging, functional, and accessible website.

From the layout to the colours and graphics used, the designer must be able to translate a concept into a beautiful, user-friendly experience.

The design elements chosen to communicate the idea should be both aesthetically pleasing and effective in conveying the intended message. 

website design is an art

A website’s design should be an art form that adds value and serves to enhance the user’s experience.

It should be memorable, inspiring, and provide an enjoyable experience for the user. The web designer must think strategically and employ methodology and techniques to craft a visually attractive end result.

The designer is like an artist as she immerses herself in the project and brand to find an end result that captures the mood and values, but is also appealing and user friendly.

website design is an art

We also intricately plan your website structure with Google and the other search engines in mind

Planning a website design with Google and the other search engines in mind is important because optimising your website helps to ensure that your content is both accessible and visible to potential customers.

We spend a lot of time analysing your current website, and/or materials supplied to plan not only the structure of the site but keywords and pages that are part of this.

We place a huge emphasis on this as it is the foundations of any successful website.

Once this detailed work has been done, then we utilise the latest SEO techniques.

Let’s compare this beginning of your website’s life to a child who has been fed the most nutritious foods to a child who barely got fed each day.

This start in life will boost your website’s rankings and visibility, allowing it to effectively compete against other websites for the top spots in search engine results pages. Of course, ongoing SEO work needs to be done to make this happen continually.

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Additionally, by making sure your website is optimised for the various search engines, you are also helping to ensure that potential customers are able to find and access your content from any device, as well as in any area of the world.

Finally, optimising your website with Google and other search engines in mind can help to make sure that the content you publish is meeting user’s needs and helping them engage with your brand.

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We will guide you through the Design and Development Process

The process of website design and development involves many steps and may be overwhelming at first glance. However, our team takes away most of the work and we aim to make it a smooth, enjoyable experience for you.

This step-by-step guide will help you understand the overall website design and development process from the inception of the idea stage to the launch of a successful website.

The first step is to establish what the purpose of the website is and who the intended audience is. This will help you create a plan for the website and create a design that will effectively engage the audience.

website design process

The next step is to choose a web hosting provider and registering a domain name. A web hosting provider will provide the space for the website and a domain name is the address that visitors can use to access the website.

This will reflect your brand name, of course. 

The development of the website then follows. This includes creating the look and feel of the website, coding the website, and setting up the content management system (CMS).

During the development process, testing should be done to ensure the website is functioning properly. After development is complete, the website is then ready to be launched.
website design process

Once the website is complete, we highly recommend ongoing search engine optimization (SEO) to help the website be found in search results.

Our web design packages include basic on page SEO which consists of optimising titles, descriptions, and tags of web pages to help the website rank higher in search engine result pages.

However, there are many other elements to SEO that should be done on an ongoing basis.

Additionally, an SEO and technical audit will be done to make sure that there are no any technical errors that are preventing search engine crawlers from indexing the website.

Finally, analytics should be set up to monitor website performance. This will help you identify where visitors are coming from, how long they are staying on the website, and which pages they are viewing.

This data can be used to help improve the user experience and optimize the website to convert more visitors into customers.

We look forward to creating a beautiful successful website for your brand.

We love making brands of all sizes bigger and better than they were when they first contacted us.

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