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400 milliseconds is too long to wait for a website to load - literally the blink of an eye

50 milliseconds is all it takes for a visitor to decide if they like your website, or not!


28% of text is actually read and this is done in an F-shaped pattern


69% of a visitor's time is spent viewing the left hand side of the page

SEO Friendly Websites

Clean, user-friendly websites designed with your target market in mind

It takes 5 milliseconds...

It takes 50 milliseconds for a visitor to decide if they like your website or not. This is 1/8 of the time that it takes to blink your eyes!

Seamless websites......

Seamless websites that combine the correct colour choices, images and text laid out in a user-friendly manner have a higher chance of success.

Composition in art & website design...

Composition is equally important in website design as it is in art. Ideally website composition has to be beautiful, subliminally gain trust, user-friendly, while getting your most important messages across almost instantly.

Having worked for years in video production and offline media, as a creative director, I see many similarities between creative website projects and video production.

Each has a set of elements that need to be considered at the outset from a creative, as well as a results-driven perspective. Then throughout the design and development process, all elements are blended together seamlessly to create a website that is composed beautifully, gains trust subliminally, is user friendly, and of course communicates your most important messages immediately.

Catalonia Valencia

Catalonia Valencia is a travel blog that covers cities, towns and villages in these communities of Spain.

The design takes a very user-friendly approach, with travel guides that have clear sections to reference, which fall at the top of each page, embedded on the featured image.

This example features the Tarragona Travel Guide – click on the photo to see the full guide or click here.

Travel Collections By City

In the instances where the content has been fully developed, certain cities and towns also have Travel Collections that include the city/town travel guide, along with the fiestas that happen there.

Still using the example of Tarragona City, you can click here, or on the image to see this travel collection.

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