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Medical SEO

Medical clinic SEO: Content development strategy

Patients read more and more online these days. Some of it is useful information, whereas other websites only mislead people.

A medical clinic should be seen to be at the forefront of supplying valuable information to its potential and existing patients. So while SEO is an art and a collection of skills within itself, when it comes to medical SEO, the subject becomes even more complex. 

Due to our many years of observation and practical hands-on work, we have created a content development strategy that is wonderfully suited to medical clinics. This strategy helps clients to rank high up on Google and the other search engines, which of course leads to more patient bookings.

In some instances, our clients appear on the Google Answer Box, as in the example below. As you can see, not only is our client featured in the Google Answer Box (top listing) but Prof.. Shane Higgins' website also appears in positions 2 and 3 of the natural listings.

medical seo content development-google answer box

Medical SEO content strategy: loved by Google & patients

The content strategy gives both Google and patients what they are looking for. Firstly, each article features questions and answers to the most commonly asked questions that are found about each health topic. We invest time researching these on Google and then develop the best answers to these questions.

In addition to the question and answer format, we develop the subject into long-form content of between 2,000 to 3,000 words. To ensure a great user experience, we link the questions from a reference point at the top of the page to each individual answer below.

Our agency's SEO Director, Jackie De Burca, not only brings her decades of media experience to this strategy and all SEO planning, but she is also the commissioned book author of Salvador Dalí at Home.

Please note that below are screenshots of the website page, so the links cannot be tried there. If you wish to experience it live, please go to:

Medical clinic SEO user friendly questions & answers format

medical seo company

best medical seo company

Medical clinic SEO case study: Merrion Fetal Health

Medical clinic SEO

Our search engine optimisation work for this client has resulted in a 821% increase in organic (SEO) traffic in 5 years.

medical websites-Small part of homepage

Above: A small part of Merrion Fetal Health's homepage

To see the website go to:

Although we have been providing search engine optimisation services to clients from diverse niches since 2007, we took on our first medical clinic, Merrion Fetal Health, in 2011. Merrion Fetal Health is a pregnancy ultrasound clinic, in Dublin, which was set up by five of Ireland's top OB/GYN consultants in 2010. 

In the last five years, we have increased their non-advertising traffic, which is called organic traffic by our SEO work by 821.84%. Today the clinic ranks in the first position for its main keywords.

medical seo huge growth in traffic

Keywords: harmony test Dublin ( Position 1 & Google Business

medical SEO harmony test dublin

In this particular example, you can see that our client ranks not only in the top position, but also in the second and to the right, the clinic is featured on the Google Business Maps listings. (The first two on the top left are paid advertising: Google Adwords).

Keywords: pregnancy scans ( Position 1 & Google Business

medical SEO pregnancy scans (5)

Here, Merrion Fetal Health, ranks at the top of the Google Maps Business listings and in position 1 of the organic listings.

Keywords: early pregnancy scans ( Position 1 & Google Business

medical SEO Early pregnancy scans (1)

Once again, Merrion Fetal Health, ranks at the top of the Google Maps Business listings and in position 1 of the organic listings.

Keywords: harmony test ( Position 1 

medical SEO harmony test (3)

For these keywords, the clinic is in position 1.

Keywords: pregnancy scan Dublin ( Position 1 & Google Business

medical SEO pregnancy scan dublin

Merrion Fetal Health is in both position 1 of the Google Business Listings and the organic listings.

Medical SEO: Organic sitelinks

You may notice when searching on Google that some websites have a number of links back to different pages of their websites. These are called organic sitelinks.

These cannot be bought or manipulated as such. Google awards them to websites that they feel are trustworthy, have a great user experience and top content.

Of course, they give an extra feeling of owning more territory on Google; a kind of domination if you like.

medical clinic SEO organic sitelinks

Clinic SEO: Google Answer Box

Another fantastic location to target to position our clients is the Google Answer Box. It appears at the very top of the page, when it is available. It isn't available for all searches that users type in.

As mentioned previously, our specific medical content creation strategy aims to take advantage of this when possible. This is one of the reasons we research the questions and find the best answers, for various medical topics.

Naturally Google knows very well that many of us ask Google questions.

Below you can see some examples of Merrion Fetal Health being featured in the Google Answer Box. Whether this is achievable depends very much on your competition in the territory that you are based.

medical clinic SEO Google answer box (2)

medical clinic SEO Google answer box (5)

medical clinic SEO Google answer box (1)

medical clinic SEO Google answer box (3)

medical clinic SEO Google answer box (4)

This SEO & medical content method has even worked for a new website of 2 months old

It takes time for websites to build Google's trust. Google doesn't rush to put any old website on the first page, and definitely not in its Google Answer Box.

We used this medical content SEO strategy when developing a website quite recently for Professor Shane Higgins. Below are a number of examples of his website appearing in the Google Answer Box and in some instances very high up on the natural (organic) listings.

medical article writing

medical article writing-What is the difference between prenatal and perinatal

medical clinic writing SEO-what are birth defects

medical content agency

medical content development

medical content development

medical seo content development

Our approach to Medical Clinics SEO

1. We approach each clinic or medical centre's search engine optimisation work as a unique case.

2. We analyse exactly how your website is currently doing and look for any immediate improvements that can be made.

3. Then we develop a white hat (safe, Google friendly) SEO strategy that will not only rank your website high on Google, but show your clinic as an authority in its health niche.

4. We always explain our strategy to our clients.

Cost from £800 per month

VIP: We do not tie you into a contract, we do, however, highly recommend 6 months for you to be able to see significant results.


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