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The Google Adwords Challenges

Over the years of working with clients who use Google Adwords campaigns as an important (or only) source of leads for their businesses, we have seen a couple of patterns that can be considered to be challenges. One is that Google does make it appear to be very easy for an advertiser to set up their own campaign, and on a basic level it is.

However the reality of this is that it’s only a handful of these advertisers that manage to dig deep enough into the system by themselves to make it work. The second challenge, is whether Google Adwords is even viable, especially for smaller business entities?

If you been trying to manage your own Adwords campaigns without professional help, you may have spent more money than you expected. This often happens, as it seems so easy to set up, but the fine tuning and expert knowledge is what can make it work profitably. Even if you have an agency helping, it may be that you are getting the clicks, but not enough conversions to make it viable.

So what is the solution?

The Google Adwords Solution

Let’s find out if Google Adwords is actually viable for your business. There’s a good chance that it could be when done correctly, but it is all about CPA – cost per acquisition. If your business model and pricing structure is set up so that we can find that perfect CPA point for you, then it is likely that Google Adwords can work profitably for you business.

That said, there are some businesses where it may not be the best route. If that is the case, once we know your account, campaigns and business model, we will be able to tell you. If you have an existing account, your track record of this could make this clear after a one-off analysis.

Often it is necessary to set-up new campaigns, or optimise existing ones, with a realistic CPA to determine if Adwords will work for you or not.


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CPA Focused

Day Turnaround

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What makes our Google Adwords packages different to some others

  • We don’t force you into lengthy contracts (or any if you opt for our one-off package)
  • We don’t charge commission on what you invest into Google Adwords
  • We genuinely work as your partner
  • Our work is always results driven

We put the pieces of the jigsaw together

If You Have A Google Adwords Account

You can grant us temporary access to Google Adwords, and assuming you have it, Google Analytics. We will give you our recommendations and ideas, without any pressure, or obligation.

Don't Have Google Adwords Yet?

Let us analyse the market that you are in, and chat to you about your aims & ideal CPA (cost per acquisition). We will tell you honestly what the scope is within your niche.

Types Of Packages Available

If you decide to take it further, we can offer a one-off service, which includes one month of maintenance and optimisation. This can be topped up with our 3 or 6 month peace-of-mind maintenance and consultancy.

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