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Content Marketing Generates More Leads Than Traditional Marketing By..


Content Marketing Is Less Expensive Than Traditional Marketing By..

Average Number Of Content Marketing Tactics Used By Companies Of 10K + Employees

Pieces Of Content Shared Every Day-27 Million


1. Traditional marketing generates a third of the leads that content marketing does.

2. Content marketing is also 62% less expensive than traditional marketing.

3. Consumers vote with their wallet

61% said that they are more likely to purchase from a company that offers custom content: It also makes them feel better about giving them their business.

4. Each day 27,000,000 pieces of content will be shared.

Tablet & Smartphone Usage Account For 60% Of Digital Media Time Spent

86% B2B Buyers

Mobile phones are used by 86% of B2B (business to business) buyers, often, to access business-orientated content

67% B2B Buyers

When making purchasing decisions, 67% of B2B buyers rely more on researching online content to help with their decision process, than they did one year ago.

Long Form Posts 9X More Leads

Long form posts create nine times more leads than short posts. Long form posts are considered to be a minimum of 1700 words – although there are different opinions on this subject.

content consumed by B2B buyers mobile

Content Example: Published 17th September 2015

Read 23,315 Times In 55 Days

Secrets of Spain: Javea the jewel of the Costa Blancahas been read 23,315 times in 55 days* – this means an average of 424 readers each day.

*Data checked 10th November 2015

1600 Facebook Shares

The article has been shared over 1600 times on Facebook.

900 Tweets

The post has been tweeted over 900 times.

Copywriting ….The Art Of Persuasion

The art of persuasion has always been central to good copywriting. However these days the challenge is getting the perfect balance between persuasive copy and engaging, unique, useful content, that sets the brand up as an authority that delivers creative, custom content.

Content needs to grab the reader’s attention, draw him in, build trust and rapport with him. The editorial material across a company’s site and blog should encourage visitors to dig deeper and come back for more. And of course when ready to make a purchasing decision, to buy!

Are You Doing It Right?

Although 9 out of 10 B2B marketers use content marketing as part of their strategy, not all of them are doing it correctly. Many brands invest in marketers to create content which only targets the top end of the sales consideration process. Perhaps this is partially down to the steep learning curve that many companies and marketers are still experiencing with the dramatic change in the sales process, or maybe it’s down to limited budgets.

Excellent content needs to be available to support the sales person. Why is this? This is because the content you create is crucial to the impression your target audience will form about your brand.

What Impression Does The Content You Create Give To Your Company’s Prospective Clients?

Step back and try to detach for a moment, even if you have invested in some great content – ask what impression it gives to your company’s prospective clients.

It is so challenging when we own or are involved in running a business to be detached about our own websites, but if you can’t answer this question, be sure to ask some people who will give you an honest answer.

Here’s what the average visitor senses and perceives from the content on a website or blog:

1. Does this company actually care about me?

2. Has this brand focused and anticipated some of the problems I face?

3. Does this company share my perspective or is it too busy trying to push its own perspective on me?

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