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We are a results driven white hat Google SEO agency, set up in 2007, by the author of Salvador Dalí at Home, Jackie De Burca. Below you can see a few results as an indication of what can be done, when the best SEO practices are combined with creativity and lots of experience.

After these results, we then have a variety of SEO questions just below, that we have answered for you.

Over a five-year period we have increased the organic traffic for this medical clinic client by 821.84%

The same client is not only in the top position in the natural listings for their top main keywords, but often are dominating another part of the Google territory.

medical SEO Early pregnancy scans (1)

medical SEO pregnancy scans (5)

medical SEO pregnancy scan dublin

Our monthly fees start from £800 per month.

We treat each SEO project as unique and quote specifically based on how your website currently is and how much work should be done each month to have a very strong impact over time.

happy customers

  • I have collaborated with Jackie on a number of projects over the last few years and have always been more than pleased with her professionalism. Always willing to help, she seems to have a thorough understanding of how my business works and what I require. She is reliable, creative and very prompt in the delivery of her work for me which is extremely important to me as sometimes I am dealing with quite tight deadlines.
    Although we work mostly online together, Jackie also represented me on a project for Bentley in Istanbul which I was unable to attend myself as I was double booked. This had to be right as it was a prestigious client, but I had no reason to worry and the client was delighted with her work and the end result… which made me a ‘happy camper’, too, of course! 🙂
    Paul Johnson,
    A Luxury Travel Blog
  • Digital marketing agency testimonial 3

    What Jackie doesn’t know about Google PPC is not worth knowing!
    But more than that Jackie writes skilfully and applies her knowledge creatively based on how users behave online.
    Jackie continually analyses results and is flexible about adapting her approach and trying new ideas to push for the best possible return on investment.
    Working with Jackie is a genuine partnership and, in our marketing team, we always considered her a key asset.
    Suzy Hillier
    Three Counties
  • We have been working with Jackie and CWA for a number of years. Jackie’s work has been creative, productive and most importantly has always delivered fantastic results. We find Jackie and her Company enthusiastic and extremely creative in their approach to SEO, website design, Adwords campaign management and website article production.
    In an ideal world we would never recommend Jackie and her Company to anyone as we want to keep them to ourselves as they have been instrumental in developing our online presence!
    Experts in their chosen field is quite simply an understatement of their work. I would recommend them to anyone who really wants to make a difference to their online business
    Richard Burgess
    Alan Blunden Insurance Ltd.

SEO Search engine optimisation questions quick references

1. What is SEO?

2. What is SEO and why is it important?

3. What is on page SEO search engine optimisation?

4. What is off page SEO search engine optimisation?

5. What is meant by SEO in website design?

6. How to take SEO into account during a website re-design?

7. What is black hat SEO?

8. What is white hat SEO?

9. How much should I pay for SEO services?

10. How to plan an effective SEO strategy?

11. What is a Google local listing?

12. Why are Google reviews important?

13. What is the Google Answer Box?

14. What are organic sitelinks?

15. Why social media is important for SEO?

1. What is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimisation is a set of practices which aim to get your website noticed by the various search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. When you search for something online, you will notice many editorial style listings on the left hand side of the page on Google. These are called either organic or natural listings or search results, as below.

what is seo google natural listings

Above them and sometimes below them also, are the small ads, known as Adwords on Google. These are always paid for, whereas the natural listings are always unpaid. Below is an example of Google Adwords - they have a less editorial style and it states Ad below the headline.

google adwords

Although you cannot pay Google or other search engines to end up high on the natural listings, you may pay indirectly to achieve good rankings high up, to a consultant or agency, or perhaps an in-house specialist.

These days there are also other SEO opportunities such as the local listings, done by placing your business details on Google Business & Maps, Google Answer Box and organic sitelinks.

Don't worry if this all sounds like confusing jargon, each of these topics are covered above in the questions section and illustrated in the answer.

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2. What is SEO and why is it important?

The practice of SEO is made up of various elements and is important because it gives your business and website a massive opportunity to be found easily online, when potential buyers are searching for your products or services.

For websites and blogs to rank high on the organic listings, there are two main elements that should be done in accordance to best practices. These are on page SEO and off page SEO. They can also be called on site SEO and off site SEO.

What is SEO and why is it important

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3. What is on page SEO search engine optimisation?

On page SEO encompasses a variety of tasks that are carried out on the pages of your company's website to set it up with the best chance of being found high on the natural listings.

Essentially how a website is both designed and set up are the foundations of on page SEO. The design should be appealing and suited to your niche, therefore building trust in existing and potential clients.

The experience a user has should be smooth and easy, which should include great navigation and extra useful content, that not only explains the necessary, but goes further to anticipate clients's questions and needs.

 What is on page SEO search engine optimisation

For example, apart from doing all of the normal writing that is integral to the website, it is a good idea to consider developing some How To Guides around your topics.

Each page within the website should have a clear topic that is contained in the page's title and other technical elements, such as headers of paragraphs and alt tags, which are part of the image naming and labelling process.

While the above gives an overview of what on page SEO is, there are various other aspects involved, but all of the elements work together to make your website easily read and understood by both the search engines and your website visitors.

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4. What is off page SEO search engine optimisation?

Off page SEO optimises your website for various off-site ranking factors (also called ranking signals), which influence how the search engines judge how well your website is perceived by other reputable places online.

Google and all search engines have a set of intricate rules, known as algorithms, in place to judge where to show websites on the natural listings. These algorithms take into account both on and off page SEO. So ranking websites is not a manual process done by people, it is an automated algorithmic affair!

Google does have a team of manual checkers, who are employed to spot check websites manually, and they work according to a very specific set of rules. This team are on the look out for websites that are not behaving according to best practice and a manual check could result in some type of Google penalty.

So when it comes to off page SEO, these reputable places reacting well to your website may include trustworthy websites and blogs, or entities and people perceived to be authorities in some way etc.

What is off page SEO search engine optimisation

For example, if your website or blog has some really superb content, a newspaper or magazine may choose to link to it from one of their online articles. This will help the search engines to perceive your website or blog as an important, trustworthy source of information about your niche subject.

Likewise, if an influential blogger features you in a similiar way, or shares your content, or vouches for it in some way, such as on their blog or social media, this will also have a positive effect.

The more positive ranking signals that occur for your website, the higher it will be trusted as an authoriative source within your niche.

Assuming your on page SEO has been done well, over time a collection of positive ranking signals will mean that your website will be shown higher and higher on Google, as time goes on, for its relevant keywords. Generally this process can't be rushed, although amazing content produced in the early days of an SEO campaign will certainly help the cause.

what is off site seo

Image credit: Moz off site SEO

This brings me back to on page SEO, which in the ideal situation should be an important part of the planning and implementation during a website design.

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5. What is meant by SEO in website design?

SEO in website design should really be an integral part of the process. Many web designers are very skilled at creating beautiful websites, but not all of them are au fait enough with SEO to take this into account during the design work.

SEO in website design is actually a wonderful opportunity to plan the website's look, user friendliness and content down to the finest detail. When this is done well, a website will have a greater chance of ranking high as time goes on.

What is meant by SEO in website design

Questions to be taken into account for SEO in web design are:

  1. How many pages should be created?
  2. How many words should be given to each topic that is necessary to cover?
  3. How can we give our users an extra useful experience – eg. Special how to guides?
  4. Are the most important keywords related to our products/services included in titles and other parts of our pages? (In depth keyword research must be carried out at the very beginning)
  5. Have we considered longtail keywords? (longtail keywords being longer versions, or maybe a bit more outside of the box keywords that some people may use when searching for your website)
  6. Are we producing really excellent content that will give the best user experience?
  7. Can this content be linked back and forth to each other in logical ways?
  8. Does the content include plenty of visual material such as images, infographics and videos?
  9. Will the website give an equally good experience across all platforms, such as desktop, mobile and tablets?
  10. Does the website have good, clear call to actions, without coming across as trying to sell too much?
  11. What kind of tools will the website use to track the users' experiences and reactions? (There are a number of tools, but certainly every website should use at least Google Analytics and Google Search Console)
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6. How to take SEO into account during a website re-design?

Many clients will not be doing a website design for the first time. Often clients are looking to update their website, to make it look more modern and improve on the current version in various ways.

Just as a new website design gives a great opportunity for good, clever on page SEO to be taken into account during the planning and implementation stage, so does a website re-design. However when not planned properly it also has the potential to be a disaster.

Why? If you've had a website for a few years, hopefully whoever built this for you and whoever ran it for you in terms of tech updates and SEO, did some decent work. So the last thing you'll want is to lose that.

A website re-design needs to be planned meticulously in terms of the SEO, as well as the new look and updated content. This way you can build on the good work done to date.

How to take SEO into account during a website re-design

Let's say that you offer proof-reading services and your website is called English Experts. So it will look like this:

Within the various pages, you have one that people find especially informative, and this page is: (this is the page's url)

Google knows that people like this page, they stay to read it for a good amount of time, other websites have linked to it and it has been shared well on social media. So Google has put this page in the fourth position of page one.

Therefore you get business because of it. So the last thing you want to do during a re-design is to lose this page. This means you need to keep the url. The address of this page. Because if you do a brand new one, it will also be new in the eyes of Google and will have lost the links and other forms of kudos.

So mapping over from an old to a new website, needs to be done extremely carefully. We would recommend keeping all urls that exist and carrying them over to the new website.

This planning needs to take into account various elements of the performance of the existing website. Here you can check what you need to consider when it comes to SEO in a website re-design.

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7. What is black hat SEO?

Depending on how much you have looked into SEO and how much you know, you may have come across the term black hat SEO. Essentially black hat SEO encompasses dubious practices that may seem to work for a website, and sometimes quite quickly, but in the long term may even risk that your website gets banned from Google's natural listings.

What is black hat SEO

In general, if you see cheap SEO service offerings, it could mean that the company is carrying out black hat SEO practices, or that they are doing very little meaningful SEO work on and off your website. Of course, SEO service agencies based in countries where the standard of living is lower, may also be able to offer cheaper monthly rates.

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8. What is white hat SEO?

White hat SEO is the type of service we and many other reputable SEO agencies offer. Everything is done safely and according to best practices. At times, this may mean waiting longer than you may wish for the coveted and highly desirable high positions on Google and the other search engines, however your website is not at risk this way.

White hat SEO not only builds steadily on a good website design in a way that you should rank well for your chosen keywords, it also can build the reputation of your brand in a very positive way.

What is white hat SEO

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9. How much should I pay for SEO services?

To someone new to searching for SEO services, the extreme differences of monthly SEO rates may seem very weird indeed!

Let's compare SEO monthly prices to buying a car.

Not everyone has the income to buy a Ferrari, but perhaps a person's budget may stretch to a Volvo. The Volvo is still a great car, but for those who wish to drive faster and perhaps have a certain image, a Ferrari is more desirable.

how much does seo cost

SEO monthly prices are similar, in that if a client has the budget for a Ferrari SEO service, the scope of what we can do for that client is immense. Apart from the basics of excellent on and off page SEO that we always carry out according to each client's budget, more creative and extremely positive, high impact strategies can be employed with that type of budget. For example, we can create a massive influencer outreach campaign to engage numerous influencers in your niche to write and talk about your brand.

This is one of the reasons you will see great variation in SEO prices online. Additionally as mentioned in the black hat SEO topic, the kind of service can vary greatly as well. Some are even dangerous for your website and possibly your reputation. Others are far more basic and even stuck in very old-fashioned SEO practices such as keyword stuffing, numerous links from unimportant and possibly risk websites, blogs and other places online.

How much should I pay for SEO services

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10. How to plan an effective SEO strategy

Developing a really strong and highly effective SEO strategy is a bit like playing chess. Each client's website will have its own good and bad points normally from an SEO perspective. Some may not have necessarily bad points but certainly areas that can be optimised further.

1. Planning an effective SEO strategy firstly means understanding the client's business, objectives, current strengths and weaknesses and medium to long term visions.

2. Topics and keywords need to be analysed in great details, taking into account also keyword intent - what are the users intentions behind the various keywords they use to search.

3. The current on page SEO and site usability and speed need to be investigated.

4. How is the brand doing with its off site presence, including links, mentions, citations, social media etc.

5. Competitor analysis needs to be carried out.

6. Current content and how users react to it needs to be analysed

7. Analyse how much Google territory can be dominated with a very strong SEO campaign:

  • Natural listings
  • Local listings
  • Reviews
  • Google answer box
  • Organic sitelinks
  • Google images
  • Videos
  • PDFs

8. A strategy is then created to ensure all on site issues are as they should be.

9. A content strategy is also created that goes more than one step further than your competitors (content assets should be varied according to the budget available).

10. Content needs to be highly intelligent, user friendly and regularly posted.

11. The content assets should be distributed across social media channels.

12. When possible, budget allowing, relationships should be built wth micro influencers and influencers, who can write about the brand and share assets on social media.

How to plan an effective SEO strategy
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11. What is a Google local listing?

A Google local listing, also known as a Google My Business listing, is created by firstly claiming your business listing on Google Maps. Google has set this up in a secure way that means only the real business owner can claim the listing.

The card that Google sends to the physical address of the business can take up to three weeks to arrive. This contains a PIN code that you can then enter that online. Then it is time to populate your listing with information and images. This should be done bearing your business and website keywords in mind. Next step is to collect lots of positive Google reviews. Below on the right hand side of the screenshot is an example of one of our clients' local listings. The outlined listings on the left are natural listings for the same client.

what is a google local listing

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12. Why are Google reviews important?

Just like any online review, positive Google reviews are important to create trust around your brand. The main difference with Google reviews is that the more positive ones that you collect, the higher chance that your Google My Business local listing will rank higher than your competitors. Potential customers can see how many reviews you have on your Google My Business listing and they can click through to read them.

why are google reviews important

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13. What is the Google Answer Box?

The Google Answer Box appears sometimes (not always) at the very top of the page with the answer to a question that users are asking. If your website has thought about questions when creating content then there is a chance it may appear in the Google Answer box. The client example below shows the Google Answer box at the very top and then the client's website is also ranking in the first position of the natural listings.

what is the google answer box

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Organic sitelinks cannot be bought or guaranteed. As below, Google may choose to show a number of inner pages as well as the homepage for particular websites. This generally happens if the site is trustworthy and has been set up in a user friendly way that lends itself to being chosen for these.

Organic sitelinks are also known as featured snippets.

what are organic sitelinks

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15. Why social media is important for SEO?

Although social signals may not directly influence the SEO rankings, they certainly do indirectly. These are other trust signals, and don't forget that social profiles also show up on the natural listings.

Social media can create a positive buzz about your brand and its content assets. When people and other brands like and share your content assets, this shows that it is well liked.

Don't forget that Google shows important tweets in its search results. The relationship between social media and SEO is important, and should definitely be another string in your bow.

Why social media is important for SEO

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