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Since 2007, we have been partnering with our clients to create results-driven Google Adwords campaigns. Through our experience, we have identified some of the questions that you may have about Google Adwords, which are answered in an easy to reference section a little further below.

The amount of work involved in managing Google Adwords campaigns varies according to a number of factors, such as:

  • Industry type
  • Budget allocated
  • Competitors
  • Bidding wars

So each quote for every client will vary according to the predicted work involved on a monthly basis.

Set up of campaigns

When new clients join us, they may not have had any presence on Google Adwords before, in which case we need to set up a brand new account and campaigns.

Or they may have an existing account, that needs an overhaul.

We charge a one-off fee for these types of set-ups, which you will be quoted before you decide to join us.

Below are a few indicators of our price ranges, but you will be quoted specifically for monthly Google Adwords prices once we have evaluated your particular case.

Google Adwords costs packages

happy customers

  • I have collaborated with Jackie on a number of projects over the last few years and have always been more than pleased with her professionalism. Always willing to help, she seems to have a thorough understanding of how my business works and what I require. She is reliable, creative and very prompt in the delivery of her work for me which is extremely important to me as sometimes I am dealing with quite tight deadlines.
    Although we work mostly online together, Jackie also represented me on a project for Bentley in Istanbul which I was unable to attend myself as I was double booked. This had to be right as it was a prestigious client, but I had no reason to worry and the client was delighted with her work and the end result… which made me a ‘happy camper’, too, of course! 🙂
    Paul Johnson,
    A Luxury Travel Blog
  • Digital marketing agency testimonial 3

    What Jackie doesn’t know about Google PPC is not worth knowing!
    But more than that Jackie writes skilfully and applies her knowledge creatively based on how users behave online.
    Jackie continually analyses results and is flexible about adapting her approach and trying new ideas to push for the best possible return on investment.
    Working with Jackie is a genuine partnership and, in our marketing team, we always considered her a key asset.
    Suzy Hillier
    Three Counties
  • We have been working with Jackie and CWA for a number of years. Jackie’s work has been creative, productive and most importantly has always delivered fantastic results. We find Jackie and her Company enthusiastic and extremely creative in their approach to SEO, website design, Adwords campaign management and website article production.
    In an ideal world we would never recommend Jackie and her Company to anyone as we want to keep them to ourselves as they have been instrumental in developing our online presence!
    Experts in their chosen field is quite simply an understatement of their work. I would recommend them to anyone who really wants to make a difference to their online business
    Richard Burgess
    Alan Blunden Insurance Ltd.

Google Adwords questions quick references

1. What is Google Adwords?

2. How does Google Adwords work?

3. How do I set up Google Adwords?

4. What are the different Google Adwords keyword match types?

5. How much does it cost to advertise on Google?

6. What is Google Adwords quality score?

7. What is Google Adwords keyword planner?

8. What is Google Adwords ad preview?

9. What is Google Adwords remarketing?

10. What is Google Adwords editor?

11. What is Google Analytics?

1. What is Google Adwords?

Google AdWords is Google's advertising program, which is based on intent rather than ads that appear to users when they are not actively searching about a particular topic, object or service. Google Adwords allows businesses to display their products or services in short, effective ads that are shown both on the top and bottom of the Google search engine pages.

what is Google Adwords

The business can build an advertising campaign around keywords which pertain to their products or services. When users search using these keywords, if an ad catches their eye and they click on it, then the business who is advertising will pay. This is called a pay per click campaign. The ad that is shown that attracts the user to click, then brings the user through to the most relevant part of the company's website.

It is also possible to track these users' activities through both Google Adwords and Google Analytics. This way a business can evaluate how their advertising is working.

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2. How does Google Adwords work?

The concept of how Google Adwords works is basically a sequence of events that are intention based and flow together naturally.

First the user types in some keywords, these will trigger a number of ads to show, as well as the natural listings (unpaid editorial search results) to be displayed. The user's eyes will be drawn to the results which best reflect the keywords he typed in.

So let's say he was looking for:

Wimbledon hospitality packages

Then he will see our client's ad in their chosen position.

how does google adwords work

When he decides to click on the ad, he will be brought to a web page all about Wimbledon hospitality packages.

Therefore the whole sequence of results and events are in tune with the user's search intent.

how does google adwords work 1

Let's say that there is a lot of competition in your given business niche. Then whomever is taking care of your Google Adwords campaign, will need to bid on the keywords that are within your campaign, to ensure your ads are being seen and that they are high up enough on the results to attract potential customers.

You can decide a daily budget at the outset and this can be changed easily at any time, when conversions are increasing, or if there is a time of year, when you know business is slower.

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3. How do I set up Google Adwords?

Google makes it very easy for advertisers to set up their Google Adwords campàign. The system takes you logically through it step by step, as outlined below.

The two main reasons you may consider to partner with an agency are:

(1) Although it is easy to set up, a lack of experience often leads to lots of money being badly invested in Adwords

(2) To run a Google Adwords campaign effectively takes not only expertise but is also time consuming.

Be careful, especially if you have a promotional code that Google sometimes advertise for €75 off a new Adwords account, once you have invested €25, as during the set up you may be taken to Adwords Express instead. This is a simpler version than normal Adwords and doesn't give you very much scope. So be sure it is an Adwords account that you set up.

how to set up google adwords

Google will take you through all the set up steps logically. Once done what you really want to do is download Adwords Editor, it is so much easier to work in there, then live on Google Adwords.

download adwords editor

Firstly select the type of campaign and name it. To begin it is better to choose "Search Network Only," as this gives you control that you are only showing the ads to those who are typing relevant keywords. Be sure to remove "Include search partners" by deselecting the tick beside this.

set up google adwords campaign

Set your daily budget. This should ideally be enough to ensure your ads show over the time you wish to advertise. Do bear in mind that some days Google may go over this budget, but then others it should be lower to even out the investment over the week or month.

At the same time don't overdo it on a new campaign, especially if you set it up yourself as a newbie.

how to set up google adwords campaign set daily budget

Next set your bid strategy. At the begin we recommend choosing manual clicks purely as this offers more control as you see what happens when your campaign goes live. As you gain more understanding and more data, you can always change this in the future.

how to set up google adwords campaign bid strategy

Where would you like to show your ads geographically? Are you offering a local service, in which case it is best to choose the area that you serve only. Or are you selling a product that ships to various territories – then you will need to select these.

how to set up google adwords campaign location targeting

Don't forget to also choose your language settings.

how to set up google adwords campaign language targeting

Ad extensions – these are interesting to use, but at the beginning it is better to get the basics of your campaign running well. These can be added in later. Just click on Save and continue.

Next you can create the first ad group. Let's consider this is trial ad group that you can edit later. Bear in mind that ad groups should be tightly themed groups of keywords with ads that directly reflect those keywords in the ad text.

how to set up google adwords campaign new ad group

Make sure you get your keywords into the headline. There are 30 characters allowed in the headline.

The second line allows 30 characters also. Then the third line allows up to 80 characters. We always get the keywords into the headline, then something attractive into the second line and put a stronger message, keywords and call to action on the third line.

You need to enter the destination url, but you also have the opportunity for more keywords in the display url line. The example shows an ad text I recently created.

ad text example

Below you can see the overall set up for this stage of creating ad texts.

how to set up google adwords campaign new ad text

Before attempting to set up the campaign, it is very important to do in-depth keyword research. There are numerous tools for this, but the Google Keyword Planner is a good start. Be aware that Google will not always suggest keywords that are relevant, so you will need to assess the suggestions, edit and plan accordingly.

What you are aiming to do is group these keywords into tightly themed groups. Ideally these groups should lend themselves to particular pages on your website or online store.

Next you should analyse your competitors ads to see what they are saying. Then create ad texts that you feel will make yours even better. Google Adwords gives you 30 characters for the headline and second line, then 80 for the third line.

Once the research and keyword planning is done, you can go ahead and start your creative work in detail. Aim for as many ad groups as is logical considering theming keywords tightly with your various web pages.

A note about keyword types: we have covered these in a separate question, be sure to read the advice before choosing your keyword types. You will need to set the amount you are willing to pay for each keyword when someone clicks on it/your ad. Set the highest for exact matches, next highest for phrase matches.

Additionally it is important to set up a Google Analytics account and link this with Adwords.

Goal conversions also need to be set up to be able to track the performance.

Before enabling your campaign to go live, review everything in time. Once live you need to keep a very, very close eye on its performance. Expect to pay a bit more for the first ten days or so, as the campaign has no history and needs to build quality score.

Once your campaign is set up it will need plenty of care. Every day it needs to be checked and analysed, and intelligent changes implemented when need be. Ad creatives need to be experimented with, as do the positions the ads show in.

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4. What are the different Google Adwords keyword match types?

Broad Match 

Personally we often avoid using these. They give a very wide reach but often little relevance. The broad match looks as below within Adwords.

google adwords keyword types broad match keywods

Broad matches allow keywords to show your ads whenever users search for similar phrases, plurals, stemmings (such as floors and flooring), and a whole range of variations.

Another example is that you have hat as a keyword, your ad could show when someone types in caps

Broad matches can be useful to use in a small campaign that is purely to test keywords to gather more data at the beginning. Then this low budget campaign can be paused when it is no longer useful for this purpose. You can build a good list of useful keywords and negative keywords.

Broad Match Modifier (BMM)

The traffic from these keywords is more relevant than broad match keywords. It is set up as a Broad Match with a + inserted before the keyword phrase.

keyword type BMM

Their set up gives you a bit more control over what shows, although not as much control as a phrase match keyword. You can build a good list of useful keywords and negative keywords. Then you should considering pausing these keywords as soon as possible.

Phrase Match

Phrase matches are when you allow Google to show your ads when something type a word or two either at the beginning of end of your chosen keywords.

google adwords keyword types phrase match

So let's say:

"lincat spare parts"

If someone types in

best supplier of lincat spare parts – then your ad will show.

Exact Match

Exact match keywords will only show your ad when someone types in exactly the keywords you have programmed.

google adwords keyword types exact match

lincat spare parts will only show that exact keyword lincat spare parts

Close Variants

These keywords are plurals, synonyms and other close variants to the keywords you have chosen.

Negative keywords

Negative keywords are hugely important. At the beginning of a campaign it is impossible to predict all of these. However the concept is that you don't want to show your ads when someone types in these keywords.

For example:

You have a phrase match keyword:

"red dress"

photos of a red dress – you will want to put photos as a broad match negative campaign keyword. Lots of people are looking for photos and have no intention of buying the red dress you wish to sell.

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5. How much does it cost to advertise on Google?

Some advertisers will invest €1000s/£1000s/$1000s per month, or even week on Google Adwords. Other advertisers will invest very tiny budgets.

It is your choice how much you wish to invest. It could be that you start off small and then build up as time goes on and trackable results have come in. It is a question of what makes economic sense.

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6. What is Google Adwords quality score?

Google Adwords Quality Score is a scoring system that applies to Adwords campaigns. When keywords are in tightly themed relevant ad groups, with super ad texts that reflect these keywords and the users are directed to a web page that continues the process, there is a high chance that over time your campaign can achieve a good Google Adwords quality score.

The reason you want a great quality score is that your ad can appear in a higher position for less cost each time someone clicks on it. This example shows one of our clients quality score of 10/10. You can find this information either live on Google Adwords or as below by dragging to the right on Adwords Editor, when you have your keywords tab open.

what is google adwords quality score

Although no one knows all the criteria that Google has inside its algorithm that calculates quality score, certainly the relevance of keywords to ad groups is incredibly important. That is one of the reasons why it pays to take lots of time to set up the tightly themed ad groups at the beginning. It may seem like a lot of work but it can save a lot of money also.

Then the relevance of the ad text. Does it have a high CTR (click-through rate)? CTR refers to the amount of clicks in proportion to the amount of impressions (times your ad is shown). A high CTR nomally indicates that the ad text is indeed relevant to the keywords.

what is CTR click through rate

How long people stay on the page that your ad brings them to is another factor. If they arrive and find the page totally irrelevant, then they will bounce off immediately. This is not good for quality score. However if the page is relevant then of course they will stay longers.

All of the factors that make up quality score are assessed by the algorithm. Then these can improve (or disimprove) as your campaign builds history. If you don't get a good quality score, it will be harder to arrive at a high position and you will end up paying more for the clicks on your ads.


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7. What is Google Adwords keyword planner?

The AdWords Keyword Planner is a powerful, super useful keyword research tool. It can be used by entering various urls from your website, or looking at all pages of your website. Google then suggests keywords that seem relevant to your website.

what is google adwords keyword planner

It is a great time-saver when setting up an Adwords Campaign. Alternatively (or additionally) you can use it by entering keywords that you feel are relevant.

Another great use for the Google Adwords keyword planner is when you are planning to build a website for your business. Doing this research before will give you a great head start when it comes to planning content, ad campaigns and SEO.

It has a super workflow set up that is very valuable for Google Adwords research and set up. From there you can even create the ad groups and keyword that are suggested. Just be sure to edit very carefully first!

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8. What is Google Adwords ad preview?

Sometimes when users new to setting up a Google Adwords campaign go live, they can be excited to see their ads on Google. They go online, search for them and even click on their own ads, spending their own advertising budget. Even if they don't click on the ads, it still can affect the quality score negatively. Additionally Google starts to show different results live to avoid click fraud and invalid clicks.

This happens because they are not aware of the AdWords ad preview tool.

Within your Adwords account, you can find this very useful tool under tools. Currently it pops up on the left hand side of the tools available.

What does the ad preview tool allow you to do? It allows you to see how your ads are displaying according to keywords, and also across different territories, if you have chosen different countries.

what is google ad preview tool

This is very handy as you can see the ads, which position they are really showing in and how they look to your potential customers. You can check how they look in various countries as well, if this is how you've set up your campaign.

It gives advertisers the chance to really diagnose how their keywords and ads are performing. Sometimes it may be that your ad only shows from time to time, because of budget. Then you may wish to invest more as the campaign is converting well and cost effectively.

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9. What is Google Adwords remarketing?

If a visitor has come to your website they can be targeted for remarketing. To be able to do remarketing a remarketing code needs to be added to your website. This way you can build remarketing audiences.

Once you have remarketing audiences built, you can run a remarketing campaign.

Let's say you were looking to buy some brown leather shoes. You saw two pairs you liked, but then your phone rang, so you were distracted. Well if the seller of the shoes had the remarketing code set up, their remarketing campaign will be shown to you.

Remarketing ads are shown on other sites that you may visit, such as news sites, YouTube and many, many more. These ads are like reminder ads and they can increase conversion rates.

Of course, from a users perspective they can also seem a bit weird, in terms of feeling that the company is stalking you, because the re-marketing ads seem to pop up so many places that you go online!

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10. What is Google Adwords editor?

AdWords Editor is Google's software that can save a great deal of time when setting up and editing campaigns.

The tool is free and easy to download. It lets you make bulk changes which is very handy in a variety of ways.

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11. What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics has a free and paid versions. The free version is an industry standard for collecting and analysing data from websites, Adwords campaigns, SEO, social media and more. Conversion tracking and goals can be set up. You can see where your website visitors come from, how long they stay on the various pages and which page they don't seem to like, if that is the case.

Google Analytics can give you an immense amount of information, upon which to make educated decisions and website improvements.

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