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Creative Web Advertising was established in 2007 by Jackie De Burca, author of Salvador Dalí at Home, and Paulo Alves, IT consultant and digital marketing teacher.

An award-winning, multilingual digital marketing agency, Creative Web Advertising is a results driven, low on jargon company, that partners with clients to create success stories.

More than 60 years of combined experience...

Jackie has 30 years of media experience, both online and offline, which includes working in newspapers, magazines and video production. Paulo has over 30 years of IT and digital marketing combined experience. 

We have a creative, tech savvy team who work with us, who between them bring a wonderfully balanced skill set and another good few decades of experience.

award winning digital marketing agency

  • Results Driven

    Website design & all our digital marketing offerings are focused on achieving results. We create results driven messages that broaden your horizons.

  • Seamless Words & Images

    Words and images are crafted to seamlessly flow together, creating a strong, successful message for your brand.

  • Every Project & Campaign is Unique

    We take the time to understand and fully digest your website project or advertising campaign's objectives, so that we can deliver the best package for your unique needs.


Further down on this page we have a questions and answers section where we have tried to anticipate your possible questions about digital marketing.
Intelligent digital media marketing with a down-to-earth approach

Creative Web Advertising is an intelligent digital media marketing with a down-to-earth approach, that combines the following ingredients:

  • Defining the best strategy to achieve your goals, implementing it and refining it as we gather data and results
  • Choosing the digital media marketing channels best suited to your industry niche, objectives and budget
  • Creating and communicating a clear, fluid brand message across your chosen channels
  • Using psychology to understand your buyers' personas and to enhance their experiences
  • Employing the art of storytelling to enhance your brand
  • Creating enriching visual experiences that build trust and confidence
Our digital marketing process

We believe that a digital media marketing strategy is never a case of one size fits all. Therefore our process is designed to be simple and transparent, while being entirely customised to your brand's goals, resources and desired reputation.

Our digital marketing process

Each of our service offerings has a clearly defined process that you can read about on the relevant page of this website. According to the nature of the service, there will be some differences in the process, however the core values are as follows:

Before creating a digital marketing process for your company, we will ensure that:
  • We truly understand your brand and its current and future objectives
  • Next a thorough analysis of your company's online marketing performance is carried out
  • During that process we identify the strengths and weaknesses, so that we can build on the strengths and eliminate the weaknesses
  • All of the above enables us to create a logical digital marketing strategy, designed to achieve results and build your brand's reputation
  • This strategy will be presented to you in an easy to understand format, to make your decision making process informed and straight forward

happy customers

  • I have collaborated with Jackie on a number of projects over the last few years and have always been more than pleased with her professionalism. Always willing to help, she seems to have a thorough understanding of how my business works and what I require. She is reliable, creative and very prompt in the delivery of her work for me which is extremely important to me as sometimes I am dealing with quite tight deadlines.
    Although we work mostly online together, Jackie also represented me on a project for Bentley in Istanbul which I was unable to attend myself as I was double booked. This had to be right as it was a prestigious client, but I had no reason to worry and the client was delighted with her work and the end result… which made me a ‘happy camper’, too, of course! 🙂
    Paul Johnson,
    A Luxury Travel Blog
  • Digital marketing agency testimonial 3

    What Jackie doesn’t know about Google PPC is not worth knowing!
    But more than that Jackie writes skilfully and applies her knowledge creatively based on how users behave online.
    Jackie continually analyses results and is flexible about adapting her approach and trying new ideas to push for the best possible return on investment.
    Working with Jackie is a genuine partnership and, in our marketing team, we always considered her a key asset.
    Suzy Hillier
    Three Counties
  • We have been working with Jackie and CWA for a number of years. Jackie’s work has been creative, productive and most importantly has always delivered fantastic results. We find Jackie and her Company enthusiastic and extremely creative in their approach to SEO, website design, Adwords campaign management and website article production.
    In an ideal world we would never recommend Jackie and her Company to anyone as we want to keep them to ourselves as they have been instrumental in developing our online presence!
    Experts in their chosen field is quite simply an understatement of their work. I would recommend them to anyone who really wants to make a difference to their online business
    Richard Burgess
    Alan Blunden Insurance Ltd.

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Digital marketing questions quick references

1. What is digital media marketing?

2. What are the different types of digital marketing?

3. What are the differences between SEO & Adwords?

4. What is Black Hat SEO & What is White Hat SEO?

5. What is the Google Answers Box?

6. Why are images important for my website and blog?

7. What is SEO and how it works?

8. What is Adwords and how does it work?

9. What is social media used for?

10. What is influencer marketing?

11. How much does website design cost?

1. What is Digital Media Marketing?

Digital media marketing is all about advertising and marketing services and/or products across digital channels with the objective of reaching targeted consumers. Its integral objective is to promote your brand by using the best types of digital media. Digital marketing aims to attract new customers to your business and convert them from website visitors into buyers.

what is digital-marketing

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2. What are the different types of digital marketing?

There are many different types of digital marketing. These include:

Website design and development – your website is a combination of your online shopfront and brand story.

The design of the website should take into account your buyers' personas, while using colours that are psychologically in tune with this and your business niche. The written and visual content needs to be carefully planned out in order to be on one hand, enticing to potential clients, and on the other hand, developed in such a way that the website stands a good chance of climbing up high in the rankings (where the website shows when keywords are typed in). This means that SEO should be a central focus during the planning and development stage.

Additionally, the website should be very user friendly. It should be visually appealing and easy to use across all devices (desktop, mobile and tablet). At the same time, it should guide potential customers to areas that encourage them to come closer to a buying decision.

Trust can be built within the website with the best design and written content that not only offers the relevant information, but goes a few steps further, by anticipating questions that could be in the minds of potential clients.

What are the different types of digital marketing

Search engine optimisation (SEO) – SEO involves optimising websites so that they can be found easily by their target audience and so that traffic (visitors) continually increases.

The ideal situation is that when a potential customer types in keywords relevant to your business, your website pops up high, or at the top, of the Google (and other search engines, Bing, Yahoo, Ask etc.) natural listings. Natural listings (or organic) are the more editorial style listings that begin under the ads on the left and continue down the page.

There are two main elements within SEO: on page and off page optimisation. Within each element, there are numerous tactics which can be employed to get the best results.

SEO is not paid for directly, as opposed to PPC (pay per click advertising) and other forms of online paid advertisements. However indirectly a company does pay for SEO, as ideally the search engine optimisation will be integrated at the stage of website design and development.

You will often be approached, or see ads, by SEO companies offering cheap services, in general, these will not do your business any favours.

When the website is launched there are a number of best practices and tactics in order to continue the SEO work and process. The SEO strategy also needs to be updated on a regular basis to keep ahead on competitors, once the website has reached that position. The example below shows one of our clients in position 1 & 2 of the natural listings, and in the Google My Business local listings on the right hand side.

what is a google local listing

SEO is often done by either, the same company who designed the website, or another digital marketing agency.

Other media properties: in addition to your website, it is essential to have at least one other media property that you own.

This could be a blog, regular podcasts or a video channel (YouTube or other). Customers almost expect this nowadays. These media properties are an opportunity for your brand to express itself authentically to its existing customer base and to new potential clients. As well as this, other media properties help the search engine optimisation (SEO) work.

Mobilfication: your website and other elements of your digital marketing strategy needs to take into account the increasing usage of mobiles to consume media.

digital marketing types mobilfication

Your marketing objectives should be mobile friendly. I have a personal example of this. While travelling in the Costa Brava, I had no hotel booked for the night as I wished to keep my travel plans flexible. So I was able to use my mobile to search for hotel options, while on a train to my next destination. I chose the booking website that showed me the most up to date offers, and made it easy for me to book a 4-star hotel at a greatly discounted rate.

Content marketing: is the practice of creating excellent, unique, useful and possibly entertaining content that speaks the language of your target market.

Content comes in all shapes and forms, including the written word, visuals, infographics, audio, graphics, presentations etc. When developed content should be easily accessible, easy to share and be in tune with your brand story and buyers' personas.

igital marketing content marketing infographic

Social media marketing: although this is the correct term, I would almost take the marketing out of the phrase. Why? Simply because using social media channels is more about building relationships with existing and potential clients.

There are a number of social media channels, and if budget allows, a brand may engage with their audience on many of these. However this is not always the case, and in this situation, it is far better to find which channel/s suits your brand best and build a strong presence and conversation there. Some companies spread themselves too thinly over a number of channels, which puts them at risk of damaging their reputation.

Regardless of which social media channel you choose, having the attitude of what can I do to help others, works far better than trying to sell. Building a positive brand will attract sales.

digital media marketing social media

Reputation management: so imagine that your website is beautiful, functional and user friendly, your content marketing is superb, your social media presence is strong....then what could possibly damage your brand? Bad reviews....

Many people will do their research which includes reading and watching various aspects of your digital marketing. Then when they are ready to make a buying decision, if they haven't done so already, lots of people will check online reviews. These can be found on Google, Facebook and a multitude of online directories.

As part of reputation management, these need to be considered earlier rather than later. Don't be afraid to ask existing customers to review you on Google, Facebook and online directories. Try to build up a healthy collection of positive reviews. If the review site allows, be sure to answer those who have reviewed you.

If at some stage in the future a customer writes a negative review, you should deal with it and answer it as soon as possible. Assuming it is genuine, be entirely transparent.

Reputation management is more than review however. It covers your entire presence both online and offline. The main aim to bear in mind is that your brand should have an authentic, seamless story and personality that permeates through all media and face to face dealings with the public.

Our client example below shows 4.9 out of 5 for Google Reviews and 5/5 for Facebook reviews.

digital marketing reputation management

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3. What are the differences between SEO & Adwords?

SEO (search engine optimisation) are the bigger results that run on the main part of the page in a more editorial style, whereas Adwords are the ads on both the top and bottom of the page. 

With Adwords, you will pay each time a potential customer clicks on your ad and comes through to  your website. With SEO you don't pay, but you can't choose to be in the top position. To arrive to a high position, you will most likely have to pay someone in-house or in an agency to do this work for you.

The process of arriving to the top or a very high position on the first page of Google is a highly skilled job, and takes lots of patience and knowledge to have a chance to do this for a client. Below you can see what Google Adwords looks like.

digital media marketing google adwords

The natural listings, also known as organic, are featured below.

digittal marketing seo natural listings

When budget allows, the absolute ideal is to be in both top positions (or high for Adwords) for your important keywords.

Of course to make this picture complete, you should ideally have a very strong Google Business/Maps listing, including good information, photos, video and lots of positive reviews. 

Taking it to the highest level, would be having your website featured in the Google Answers Box.

To get a deeper understanding of SEO and find answers to more questions head over to the SEO search engine optimisation page.

You can see some of our SEO results of this type here.

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4. What is Black Hat SEO & What is White Hat SEO?

Black Hat SEO is a collection of dubious methods to get your website high up on the search engines quickly. It is potentially very damaging for your website. Especially as the years have gone by, Google has become even more clever at spotting these type of bad practices.

What is black hat SEO

White Hat SEO is the clean approach to SEO. It entails the best practices that give your site a great chance of achieving good positions over time, but you can't rush it. In SEO there are no quick fixes that may not damage your website and business further down the line. 

It includes a clever approach to setting up the website itself, making it extremely user friendly and filling it with the type of content that other sites will link to. It should also take into account local SEO and incorporate a strong social media presence.

The on-page SEO should be perfectly set up so that Google and the other search engines can easily see what your various pages are about.

We are going one step further with White Hat SEO, as we are now optimising clients' websites to show up in the Google Answers Box. See some examples of that here.

What is white hat SEO

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6. What is the Google Answers Box?

The Google Answers Box is a fantastic opportunity to appear at the very top  of Google for free! It doesn't show all the time, but it does appear quite frequently. It lends itself to businesses or niches that people will ask questions about. 

For example, we have developed a content strategy that lends itself very well to helping clients appear in the Google Answers Box. Below you can see some examples of this (our clients are outlined in red).

medical clinic SEO Google answer box (4)

medical seo content development

medical content agency

medical article writing

medical clinic SEO Google answer box (2)

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7. Why are images important for my website and blog?

Images are important both to help rank your website and blog high on Google, but of course, they are also important to give a good visual experience to your website visitors.

When we design a page, we always try to include as many images as possible. It breaks up the text, so it is easier on the eyes, but also each image is named and given an alt tag, to help Google see it and know it is associated with the written content on the website. 

Along with superb long form content, images (and videos) are a super way to help websites show up higher on Google and the other search engines.

Why are images important for my website and blog

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8. What is SEO and how it works?

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimisation. Basically it is a set of best practices to get Google and the other search engines to recognise the importance of your website pages. 

SEO can be split into two different aspects: these are on page and off page. 

On page is like building the foundations for the future of your website. We do numerous things behind the scenes to make your website search engine friendly. 

Off page includes, but is not limited to, attracting in links from other sites (we do this by creating phenomenal content mainly), PR, social media, guest posting and influencer outreach.

Learn lots more about SEO and get your questions answered on our SEO search engine optimisation page.

what is SEO and how it works

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9. How does Google ads work?

Google ads, known as Google Adwords, works based on the intention of potential buyers. Assuming a person is actually ready to buy, they will type in the relevant keywords for what they want. Then a client's ad shows, they click on it and the client pays for this directly to Google.

We set up Google Adwords to flow perfectly. What this means is that the ad creatives that we write, mirror the keywords of potential buyers and then send them to the best page on our client's website. This gives a great user experience.

Google Adwords also lets us monitor how much each conversion costs, this is assuming they are all online. In the cases of phone sales, it is possible to set up special Google phone numbers to monitor this activity.

Depending on your industry, the cost when someone clicks on your ads (cost per click) varies greatly. It can be anything from a few pence/cents to £40 + / €45 + / $40 +

The position of your ad is also important. Some clients believe it is best to be at the top, where it is most expensive, but this is not always the case. We analyse this over time and adjust accordingly.

Google Analytics is also used to assess the reaction of your potential clients. How long do they stay on your website? What actions do they take? Where they are located geographically?

Google can also help you with Adwords, but of course they are making money from the ad investment. Below you can see the top two listings are ads and the listing below is organic/natural from Compare The Market.

Learn more about Google Adwords and our service offerings.

digital marketing adwords vs organic

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10. What is social media used for?

Social media is seen by some companies as an opportunity to sell. However we believe that the clue is in the name! 

The various social media platforms are superb for brand building. This is done by posting great content, communicating naturally with fans/followers and helping others.

Through this approach your brand will be remembered for the right reasons and sell naturally. 

It is acceptable to post the odd marketing message, but you should post lots of other fun, helpful material as well. Below you can see my personal Twitter account, where I have over 32,000 followers.

what is social media used for

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11. What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing has become quite a phenomenon over recent years. There are lots of social media influencers, many who run blogs, who can be leveraged to work with your brand.

Costs of campaigns vary hugely, but it can be an interesting avenue to explore, budget allowing. The screenshot below shows one of many influencers, Ann Tran, who has a following on Twitter alone of 568,000.

what is influencer marketing

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12. How much does website design cost?

Website design costs varies hugely. There are so many different website types, some are very simple brochure styles while others need to deploy lots of different types of functionality.

Other criteria to take into account are:

1. Will you write your own website content, or do you need to web design company to do this? We actually like to do this purely as it gives us more control over achieving usability for the site and creating it in such a way that it has a good chance of later ranking high on Google.

2. Will you need to have photos or videos for your website? Both are important assets and should be taken into the equation.

3. What do you need your website to achieve? Are you looking for sign-ups, online sales, phone calls?

4. Will it need to be set up for online shopping?

5. Does it need to be in more languages than one?

6. Do you have example websites that you like which you can show to the website development company? It is helpful to identify some that you like and also to see your competitors' websites.

The screenshots below are excerpts from a few of our recently designed websites.

how much does web design cost

how much does website design cost

web design prices

website costs to design

website design prices

web design prices-1

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